188+ Best Oregon Slogans, Nicknames & State Motto [2024]

Oregon is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is bordered by the state of Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, California to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Oregon is the ninth-largest state by area and the 27th most populous state.

It is home to a diverse landscape, from the Pacific Coast and rugged mountain ranges to dense evergreen forests, volcanoes, and high deserts. Oregon’s economy is largely based on the timber, agriculture, and technology industries.

The state is also home to a number of universities, including the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

In this post, you will find 188+ Catchy Oregon State Slogans, Oregon State Motto, And Oregon Nicknames.

Oregon State Motto

1. “Industry, Frugality and Prudence”

2. “She Flies with Her Own Wings”

3. “The Union, and It Must and Shall Be Preserved”

4. “The Welfare of the People Shall Be the Supreme Law”

5. “Progress and Prosperity”

Oregon State Nicknames

1. Beavers

2. Beaver Nation

3. Orange Crush

4. OSU

5. Corvallis Crusaders

6. OSU Proud

7. Beaver Believers

8. Orange Army

9. Beaver Power

10. Corvallis Champions

11. OSU Alumni

12. Beaver Brigade

13. OSU Football

14. OSU Basketball

15. Corvallis Knights

16. Beaver Fever

17. Orange Force

18. Corvallis Warriors

19. OSU Athletics

20. Beaver Nation Elite

21. OSU Baseball

22. Corvallis Legion

23. Orange Pride

24. OSU Softball

25. Beaver Believers United

26. OSU Soccer

27. Corvallis Stars

28. OSU Track & Field

29. Beaver Country

30. OSU Cross Country

31. Corvallis Cavaliers

32. OSU Tennis

33. Beaver Family

34. OSU Volleyball

35. Corvallis United

36. OSU Golf

37. Beaverland

38. OSU Swimming & Diving

39. Corvallis United Nations

40. OSU Lacrosse

41. Beaverland Warriors

42. OSU Rowing

43. Corvallis United Nations of Orange

44. OSU Cheerleading

45. Beaverland Champions

46. OSU Esports

47. Beaverland Elite

48. OSU Equestrian

49. Corvallis Champions of Orange

50. OSU Fishing

51. Beaverland Nation

52. OSU Band

53. Corvallis Beast

54. OSU Marching Band

55. Beaverland United

56. OSU Hockey

57. Corvallis Commanders

58. OSU Skiing & Snowboarding

59. Beaverland United Nations

60. OSU Rugby

61. Corvallis Crusaders of Orange

62. OSU Sailing

63. Beaverland United Forces

64. OSU Table Tennis

65. Corvallis Conquerors

66. OSU Ultimate Frisbee

67. Beaverland United Nations of Strength

68. OSU Paintball

69. Corvallis Conquerers of Orange

70. OSU Archery

71. Beaverland United Nations of Power

72. OSU Airsoft

73. Corvallis Defenders

74. OSU Cycling

75. Beaverland United Nations of Courage

76. OSU Martial Arts

77. Corvallis Defenders of Orange

78. OSU Fencing

79. Beaverland United Nations of Honor

80. OSU Bowling

81. Corvallis Gladiators

82. OSU Weightlifting

83. Beaverland United Nations of Pride

84. OSU Quidditch

85. Corvallis Gladiators of Orange

86. OSU Badminton

87. Beaverland United Nations of Unity

88. OSU Gaming

89. Corvallis Guardians

90. OSU Surfing

91. Beaverland United Nations of Loyalty

92. OSU Wakeboarding

93. Corvallis Guardians of Orange

94. OSU Skateboarding

95. Beaverland United Nations of Respect

96. OSU Yoga

97. Corvallis Knights of Orange

98. OSU Rock Climbing

99. Beaverland United Nations of Resilience

100. OSU Kayaking

Catchy Oregon Slogans

1. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

2. Outdoors & Beyond

3. The Best of Both Worlds

4. A Place To Call Home

5. Wild and Wonderful

6. It’s All Here

7. Where Nature Reins Supreme

8. Stay and Play

9. Anytime, Anywhere

10. Go Wild

11. All of Nature’s Wonders

12. Explore the Possibilities

13. Where The Mountains Meet The Sea

14. A Place Like No Other

15. The Adventure of a Lifetime

16. Where Nature Meets Adventure

17. Something for Everyone

18. Get Out There

19. Where Nature Rules

20. The Land of Opportunity

21. The Land of Enchantment

22. Where Adventure Begins

23. Adventure Awaits

24. Unforgettable Experiences

25. A Place to Remember

26. Endless Adventures

27. Nature’s Paradise

28. Discover the Magic

29. Come Explore

30. Where Memories Are Made

31. Where Dreams Come True

32. See It To Believe It

33. The Gateway to Adventure

34. Come For The Adventure, Stay For The Memories

35. The Land of Surprises

36. Live Life To The Fullest

37. Get Out And Explore

38. Pure Adventure

39. Your Adventure Awaits

40. Discover The Beauty

41. A World Of Wonders

42. Discover Your Wild Side

43. A Place Of Inspiration

44. A Place To Belong

45. Come Be Amazed

46. The Land Of Wonder

47. Feel The Magic

48. Where Nature Comes To Life

49. An Unforgettable Journey

50. Your Path To Adventure

51. Come Find Yourself

52. Find Your True Nature

53. Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

54. The Place To Put Your Feet Up

55. Let Your Imagination Soar

56. A Place To Unwind

57. Get Back To Nature

58. The Wild West

59. Pure Magic

60. A Place Of Wonder

61. Take The Road Less Traveled

62. Adventure Is Everywhere

63. Come See The Sights

64. Uncover The Mystery

65. Explore Every Corner

66. Where The Adventure Begins

67. Discover Something New

68. A World Of Possibilities

69. Get Lost In Nature

70. Take The Time To Explore

71. Wander The Wild

72. Get Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

73. A Land Of New Experiences

74. The Nature State

75. A Place Like No Other

76. Where Nature Is King

77. Beyond The Horizon

78. Where The Mountains Are Calling

79. A Journey Of Discovery

80. Where The Wild Things Are

81. See The Sights

82. Where Adventure Lives

83. Feel The Freedom

84. Come Alive In Oregon

85. The Land Of Enchantment

86. Feel The Magic Of Oregon

87. Nature Is Calling

88. Embrace The Adventure

89. Create Lasting Memories

90. An Unforgettable Experience

91. Find Your Adventure

92. Make Memories To Last A Lifetime

93. An Adventure Like No Other

94. Seek The Unseen

95. Come Alive In Nature

96. Feel The Rush

97. Explore The Wild

98. Where Nature Meets Adventure

99. An Unforgettable Adventure

100. Come Explore The Possibilities

Famous Oregon Tagline

1. The Beaver State

2. Explore the Possibilities

3. Get Out and Play

4. Where Adventure Awaits

5. Endless Possibilities

6. Wild and Wonderful

7. Explore the Outdoors

8. Find Your True Nature

9. Pure Outdoor Adventure

10. Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

11. Where Nature Takes You

12. Where Dreams Come True

13. A Place to Explore

14. Live Like You Mean It

15. The State of Adventure

16. The Land of Opportunity

17. The Best of Both Worlds

18. Live Inspired

19. A Life Well Lived

20. Discover the Unexpected

21. Get Away and Stay

22. Where Nature and Adventure Play

23. Where Wonders Abound

24. Live the Life You Choose

25. Rise Above It All

26. Bringing Out the Best in You

27. Go All Out

28. Where Nature Meets Imagination

29. Imagine the Possibilities

30. Live the Dream

31. Where Big Dreams Happen

32. Where the Great Outdoors Awaits

33. A Place of Endless Possibilities

34. Come Alive

35. Where Nature Reigns Supreme

36. Life’s an Adventure

37. Change Your Perspective

38. Find Your True North

39. Where Nature and Adventure Collide

40. The Place to Be

41. A Place to Call Home

42. Where Nature Meets Adventure

43. Where It All Begins

44. Where the Journey Begins

45. Find Your Next Adventure

46. Where Imagination Roams Free

47. A Place to Unwind

48. A Place to Recharge

49. Take in the Beauty

50. Discover the Magic

51. Get Out and Get Going

52. The Perfect Place to Play

53. Where Life is an Adventure

54. The Land of the Rising Sun

55. Where Nature and Culture Unite

56. Where Possibilities Are Endless

57. Where Nature Inspires

58. Where the Heart Is

59. Discover the Beauty of Nature

60. Where Wonders Never Cease

61. Where the Outdoors Are Calling

62. Find Your True Self

63. A Place to Live Life to the Fullest

64. Where Nature is King

65. Where Memories Are Made

66. Where the Wild Things Are

67. Where Your Story Begins

68. Where the Journey Never Ends

69. Where the Wild and Wonderful Come Together

70. Where the Adventure Never Stops

71. Find Your True Voice

72. Where the Fun Never Stops

73. Where Adventure is Waiting

74. Where Nature Reaches Out

75. Where the Journey is the Destination

76. Where Life’s an Endless Adventure

77. Where Nature Inspires Dreams

78. Where the Great Outdoors Await

79. Where Nature Unfolds

80. Where the Land and Sea Unite

81. Where Beauty and Adventure Meet

82. Where the Wild and Free Roam

83. Where Nature and Fun Unite

84. Where Nature and Life Meet

85. Where the Outdoors Come Alive

86. Where Life is an Open Book

87. Where Nature Takes You On an Adventure

88. Where the Wild and Wonderful Are

89. Where Nature and Luxury Unite

90. Where Nature and Freedom Reign

91. Come Explore the Possibilities

92. Where Adventure is King

93. Where Nature and Culture Unite

94. Where the Wild and Wonderful Come Together

95. Where Life is an Open Road

96. Find Your True Path

97. Where Wonders Abound

98. Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

99. Where the Wild and Free Roam

100. Where Anything is Possible


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