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Advertising Is Telling People You’re Good.
PR Is Convincing Them You’re Good.

So! Which one is most effective to you?


(It’s almost like they’re part of a Brand Authority Accelerator that you haven’t been invited to…)

It’s frustrating to see your peers……

Sure, you’re happy for them.

But at the same time, you wonder why it’s not you. Sometimes it feels like you’re invisible.

You know you need to build your following… and it’s not like you’re not trying.

But here’s the good news…

You have a powerful message to share with the world, too.
The only problem is… they don’t know it yet.

There’s a shortcut to reaching hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, multiplying your credibility by 10x, and making a bigger impact… instantly.


celebrity authority


Think about it.

The same people who sell out their premium group programs, write bestsellers, and talk on big stages all have one thing in common…

Everyone seems to know who they are.

They get mentioned on “Top 10” or “People to Watch” lists.

They’re interviewed on multiple podcasts (or they launch their own podcast and land on the New & Noteworthy list).

It’s not accident.

These people have carefully and strategically pursued these opportunities to position themselves as top leaders in their industries.

Brand authority accelerator refers to the trust a brand has earned among customers, and the degree to which they see your brand as a subject-matter expert.


Yes, it’s awesome when your clients tell a small handful of their friends about what you’re doing.

But then you’re stuck being “the best-kept secret” in the industry…

While thousands of people you could be helping still have no idea who you are.

But when you have media outlets, famous podcasters, experts, and influencers with huge audiences putting YOU in front of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people, while endorsing your work…

“Every positive article is worth a Million Dollars in Valuation”

– Ron Higgins Founder of Digital Island

(Digital Island was sold in 2001 for $340 Million)

Brands & Experts everywhere are looking to leverage the power of Online PR for massive exposure and to stay relevant in the eyes of their target audience. This makes Digital PR one of the most in-demand services for all types of industries.

Digital PR is one of the most Effective ways for brands and experts to gain visibility and to be positioned as the go-to option in their mark

Richard Branson said it himself:

No matter your niche or area of expertise, nearly any business can benefit from PR!

Why Do You need to Establish Yourself as a Celebrity or Brand Authority in Your Niche

Your goal is not to actually be a real celebrity like Kim Kardashian.

I’m not talking about that kind of celebrity. I’m talking about becoming the famous person that nobody’s ever heard of.

I’m talking about being the celebrity authority in your niche

Just in your niche, not a mainstream celebrity, although that’s your goal. 

Go for it.

But I’m talking about just within your industry. 

      Expertise x Celebrity = Authority

So let’s say in financial planning, in real estate, you’d be deep. So it’s like the expert. You’re like, Oh, yeah, you’re good at what you do. 

But when you’re celebrity authority, you are the person they go to

So when you think of motivational speaking, Tony Robbins comes to mind, Right?

He owns that space only owns the space. And that’s why Tony makes much much more money than all these other motivational speakers.

Do you know that within the NLP, the neural Linguistic Programming where Tony got a lot of training from within the industry people a lot of people they hate Tony Robbins. 

Do you know why they hate him? 

celebrity authority

Because of Jealousy

Because they feel like oh, but Tony you’re not properly trained. You don’t have all my credentials and certification and this and that..

So you are not an official NLP guy. And you use all different techniques and things like that.

I’m like, dude, the guy impacts millions of people. How many of you impact? You know, it doesn’t matter. 

It’s not the point. But that’s why they don’t get it. They are focusing on the thing.

Instead of how can I move up in this Ascension on this ladder and create at the minimum, you want to be an expert, ideally, you want to be a celebrity authority,

So which surprise is a good example?

Why does Richard Branson get a minimum of $100,000 for an appearance of a speaking gig? Why?

Because he is a Celebrity Authority. 

Now, you might say but dead because he’s a billionaire.

Of course, he gets a minimum of $100K to speak. That’s not true. Because a lot of billionaires don’t get $100K to speak.

Just because you have money, It doesn’t make you a celebrity authority. 

On the other hand, if you are a celebrity authority, money finds you. You’ll never be out of money.

When you’re expert, people call you and say I want to do business with you, 

When you are a celebrity authority, people are happy to even get to you.

Do you see a distinction? They’re happy that they get to you finally And they are begging please take me on.

When you have that kind of positioning power, you know, you know what, from their perspective, you are celebrity authority.

Me I mean, you know, it’s like am not celebrity authority to my family. 

But in the market, I’m celebrity authority to my niche, and that’s all I need to be.

That’s what I mean, right? It’s that celebrity authority. You just need to be there for your own niche.

Here is Some of our clients we help them build their brand presence on google:

Client 1

Tucci Brother

Tonye Irims

Client 3

Steven Maindl

Client 4

Tom McGowan

Client 5

Rob Pene

Client 6

George Dfouni

Client 7

Justin Orr

Client 8

Jiten Thakkar

Client 9

Jason Greer

Fabrice Sopoglian

Eno Leka


Jeff Lopes


Eduard Soponar


Dr. Brian Beckham


Christopher Massimine

Arpit Sharma


Angelo Vassiliades

Andrew Anastasiou


Alex Boyce-Vienneau


Anthony Lempelius

Now it's your time to shine!

People Don’t Buy From Those They Don’t Trust. 👀⁣

So, You Need to Elevate Authority and Credibility by Establishing & Growing Your Digital Footprint

If I’m going to do a quick Google search of your name or your company name right now, I want you to think about this, what’s gonna pop up?

Okay, open your Google right now and type your company or your name, what pops up?
All right, is it you? Right? or is it someone else? or is it your competitor?

This is important, guys, because a lot of you have programs and services out there, which are 1000s of dollars or are over $1,000. Okay, that’s a sizable amount of money.

Now, I don’t know about you. But even if I want to buy something like, you know, a pair of shoes, I’m going to Google a $50 pair of shoes.

I’m still going to Google and I’m researching. And I’m reading reviews. And I want to know where I’m spending even $50.

Now, do you think if you Google something like, what’s the best exercise band to buy? Or what’s the best water bottle to buy? Which is something that’s, you know, $20-$50?

If you’re googling it, what do you think your clients are doing? If you’re selling a service that’s over $1,000?

You better believe they’re putting your name into Google to see if you’re credible. Right?

If you’re doing it, come on, guys, that’s what they’re doing also to know what pops up When they google your name and your company name.

You may say, oh, Aariya, well, my website pops up.

So you tooting your own horn pops up. Fantastic.

But that’s not going to convince me that you’re credible. That’s going to convince me Yeah, you have a nice website. But is anybody else in your great, is anybody else that I trust saying that you are great.

Okay, third party validations, experts in the industry that I look up to,

I want to flood Google with your name and with your company name. So that’s not even an issue. So when you get on your sales calls, that objection is null and void.

They don’t even think about that. Because if they were to Google you, you would dominate the first page of Google at not you tooting your own horn, not your website, not your LinkedIn, not your Facebook saying you’re awesome.

Third-party validations that they know, like, and trust saying how wonderful you are and why they should go with you. Okay.

Focus on creating TRUST with your audience before ‘selling’ them

Media Placement will Removes The #1 Obstacle Between You & The Sale.

💸 Don't Sell To Your Customer,
Make Them Want To Buy Instead...💸

A Good First Impression Counts in Today's World

Are You Even Aware Of The Power That Lies In Social Proof?

Since the dawn of time, social proof has played a serious part in how and where money changes hands.

Whether you like it or not, you’re being judged by every prospective buyer on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

If you and your prospects are new to each other, then you must need to give them a reason to Trust you.

Nowadays more and more people first Google your name or company name and do their “due diligence” before they part with their hard earned money.

Imagine!  What Your Prospects Will Think When..

They search your name on google and see your face, your company, your logo has been featured in world famous media like

Thrive Global, BuzzFeed, Forbes, GrindSuccess, Yahoo, USAtoday, Digital Journal and many more

That you’re not only alive and kicking on websites that are considered “gospel”, but also associated with famous, national media and credible in your niche,

They’ll immediately be impressed,

They’ll immediately be hooked in,

And they’ll be forced to sit up and take notice of you and/or your offer.

Then your Ideal prospects will easily converts to a real client. They’ll need no second invitation to take money making action.

Your “Social” presence serves as your online reputation and when you utilize our Guranted Media Placement service, you emphatically position yourself as a cut above the rest.

When all is said and done, this is a conversion strategy. It’s a way to turn more leads into sales and it’s a way that will lead you to closing more business than ever before.

Why spend a dollar more on advertising until you know you’re getting the maximum return on your investments?

PR Stands for Public Relations, Yet many people don't really understand what the term actually mean

A good definition for PR is that it’s the reputational vehicle by which your company becomes well-known and well-respected in your business niche.

Companies really start to understand the important of Digital PR when their reputation is in danger, When your reputation is at risk

You can’t compete, you can’t sell and you can’t pay the bill.

It’s very scary, so why should you be proactive in your PR. by incorporating a Digital PR strategy into your digital marketing and sales process.

People want to spend their money where their sure, where they’re sure they’re going to get a good product, Where they’re sure they’re going to be taken care of, they’re hanging their hat on your reputation.

Marketing is supposed to sell, sales is supposed to sell. But people don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. 

Online PR puts people in the mind frame to buy. Sources that they consider credible.

Whether it’s the news, whether it’s a key influencer, whether it’s a VIP or even a celebrity, which tells them that you’re expert, that you know what you’re doing.

It gives them stories about how your services and products that helps other people just like them, when they give them information, they believe it,

It’s a third-party endorsement and then when you start to tell them how great you are and that’s the reason why they should buy from you,

They’re more receptive and more comfortable and more willing. That’s how you put them in the mind frame to buy. 

Your battle today is battling for consumers’ minds,

Online Public Relation is your tool to use to break down reactions and emotional barriers that people have to being sold something.

Online PR fuels your marketing and it boosts your sales and that’s your leverage in the new economy.

In Addition,
Digital PR will Eligible You to Make Wikipedia Page,
Verification on Facebook & Instagram
& Google Knowledge Panel

A famous influencer everyone follows says, “Would you like to be a guest expert in my group program? I know the hundreds of business owners in the group would love to hear about your work.”

Then other people reach out to you to say, “I’m seeing you everywhere! Are you taking on private clients? I think I could use your help.”

As you enroll more clients into your programs, you start to collect more success stories and testimonials.

And now, whenever someone comes to your site, it’s immediately obvious to them that you’re the go-to expert. The real deal.

They see media logos of all the places you’ve been featured. Testimonials from influencers who endorse your work. Rave reviews from the people you’ve helped.

It’s clear that you’re making your mark on the world and that people are recognizing it.

These are all real-life scenarios my clients or I have experienced!

Do you see how these top websites, podcasts, magazines, and influencers will catapult your business to the next level?

If you’re thinking, Sounds great…

The good news is…

This doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.
This can be your reality.

  • You don’t need to wait until you’re in business for 10 years,
  • You don’t have an email list of 100,000 people,
  • You don’t have to be an Extrovert or feel totally confident being in the spotlight or
  • Write a bestselling book to get these opportunities.
  • You don’t have an extra $50,000 lying around to hire a Digital PR firm.

No more waiting to be noticed.

No more spending time convincing people to choose you.

No more having potential clients haggle with you on prices (when you know you’re worth more than what you’re asking in the first place!).

No more hour-long strategy sessions where you give someone your time, focus, and energy… only to hear them say, “Oh, this isn’t a good fit for me right now” or “I decided to work with someone else.”

This Brand Authority Accelerator program is for you if you are an entrepreneur, expert, coach, or service provider who:

You are right fit for this program if...

If PR Accelerator is not currently part of your digital marketing strategy, here are some of the major benefits that you should be aware of:

However, it can take a really long time to get noticed by media outlets and you probably also don’t have an extra $50,000 lying around to hire a Digital PR firm. If you do, you’d probably rather put that money elsewhere.

Our Clients Are Mentioned In These Publications
(and many more) ...

Have the ability to Get Featured on Major Publication like Forbes, ThriveGlobal, Buzzfeed, Digital Journal…etc And proudly showcase the “As Seen On” badge on your website to  Build Credibility and hence boost trust which Leads to Conversion.

Have No Media Feature Yet?

Let us help you to get Mentioned on top tire media outlets such as Forbes, Yahoo, ThriveGlobal, Influencive, GrindSuccess and many more!

Don’t have $45k – $75k+ to spend on Digital PR?

We Bridge The Gap.

If you've gotten this far, it's time to take action!

There are a limited number of spots available in The Brand Authority Accelerator Program, don't wait until it's too late. You deserve to be seen. Your brand deserves to be known. There are people eager to work with you, but they don't know who you are yet. It's time to get visible and be recognized as the leader and expert that you are.


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