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Are you an industry expert who specializes in a particular industry such as digital marketing, project management, or entrepreneurship?

Do you have what it takes to create eloquent, data-driven thought-leadership content that engages working professionals in the industry?

Then you are welcome to write for us and see why RankFame is the go-to resource for today’s professionals in the digital economy.

Below you’ll find our guidelines to ensure your submission meets our style and topical requirements, and information about our approval process.

Why write for Us?

Our readers come to the Rankfame blog to gain valuable insights about today’s newest technologies and the careers that drive them.

The articles published on our site are read by professionals from all over the world, from industry veterans to new college graduates entering the workforce.

Contributing for us can even open up the opportunity for compensation for your submissions!

Topics We Cover

Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can write for us on the following topics.

You can write how-to articles, listicle articles, informative, etc.

  • Local Business
  • Website Designing
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Link-Building
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Tool and Techniques
  • Platforms for Guest Posting
  • Site Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising

Content Types

Our blog contributions take several forms, including the following:

Thought leadership articles – Blogs that offer insight backed by research and recent findings on one of the topics listed above. These may include credible predictions and opinions on a given topic.

Case studies – Research-heavy success stories about businesses or individuals that have reached achievements as a result of continuing education from Simplilearn

How-to articles – Tutorials for professionals to use as a guide in their everyday work, offering technical explanations with visuals and examples to convey complex instruction.

Current event articles – Time-sensitive blogs written as a result of a recent or upcoming newsworthy event that will affect professionals in a particular field. (What data scientists should know about GDPR compliance, for example)

Infographics – Stat- and resource-heavy content that tells a well-defined story about one of the topics listed above.

Style & Editing Guidelines

Our site accepts original content only. Plagiarism is strictly impermissible. Once an article is submitted, we retain first publication rights and the right to reuse or modify content. Writing should follow our guidelines:

> Article length should be minimum 1,200 words.

> Include a title, relevant subheads, bullets, and numbers where appropriate to ensure easy and organized readability.

> All data, facts, quotes, charts, tables, etc. must be properly cited with a link to the original source.

> Original images and charts must be high resolution (300 dpi) and in .jpeg, or .png format.

> Your submission must be original, and not previously published online or in print. The content must be 100% unique; any violation of copyrighted material will not be accepted. By submitting your blog article to RankFame, you agree not to publish it elsewhere. You may, however, link to the article after it has been published by RankFame, on any website or social media channel you choose.

> Submit your content draft in google doc file.

> By submitting your draft to RankFame, you give us complete editing rights. We’ll alert you once the article is live.


Include a brief personal description of your professional qualifications and links to appropriate portfolios, websites, or LinkedIn profiles. This will be the biography that appears on your article upon publishing.

Include a 300 x 300 pixel-minimum headshot of yourself to be included on the article page and your author page.

Ensure the information in the article is well-researched and up to date. The content must be informative and a valuable resource to our readers. Every article should include an engaging introduction and conclusion that makes clear who this article aims to benefit.

While photos are not required (we may use our own where necessary) you may include any photos, charts or graphs to support your article.

If they are not original and you don’t have permission to use them, include the link for them so that we may obtain permission or find a similar graphic that we can use in its place.

Resolution minimum is 600 x 350 pixels and must in .jpeg, .gif or .png format. Images are to be attached separately and not inside the Word document. Ensure the images contain concise alternate texts and captions that accurately describe them.

(7) We reserve the right to reject any material, for any reason.

(8) IF YOU SUBMIT AN ARTICLE that is NOT related to small business or entrepreneurs, we will not reply.

Submit your entry, bio, and photos to aariya@rankfame.com We aim to reply within 7 days. If we choose not to publish the article, you maintain the right to publish it elsewhere.


Our blog reaches thousands of readers each month around the world. Be heard by industry leaders, up-and-coming professionals, and everything in between.

You’re in good company. Every RankFame article is carefully crafted to help solve real-world problems in today’s leading technology industries.

Our team of editors and designers can help bring your content to life. For more details, write to aariya@rankfame.com

Its time to submit your guest post

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Thank you for respecting our process and following these guidelines. It will ensure that your submission is properly reviewed. We look forward to seeing your submission.

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