George Shafazand the Master of Real Estate Industry

George Shafazand

George Shafazand is one of the most prominent figures in the real estate industry. In order to achieve this reputation, it took a lot of hard work and almost 28 years of experience in real estate development. He is also the Vice President of Happy Homes’ Partners, which is one of the biggest names real estate communities.

Education of George Shafazand:

In order to be respected and reputed in the world, it is essential to have knowledge and expertise. George Shafazand holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, and he was also a student in Residential Property Managers. This is one of the reasons he is so good at dealing with properties and has immense experience in housing management.

George Shafazand and his Domain of Expertise:

George Shafazand always had a keen interest in construction and building. Therefore he works 28 years in the real estate industry to make homes and offer lands to the people.

George Shafazand has worked day and night in multiple areas of property management. He was a part of different projects, including economic development, commercial retail, multi-residential housing, and construction administration.

He also spent 12 years of his life gaining knowledge on multi-family, retail, and commercial development projects. George Shafazand supervised the complete pre-development process and administered the land development and construction phases as the Project Manager and Owner’s Representative.

George Shafazand and his work in other fields:

George Shafazand is not only known because of his work in real estate. But he is also working as the Vice President of Happy Homes’ Partners. He is also a prominent member of the California Bureau of Real Estate. Even though he is already as busy as a bee, he still takes some time to teach. He actively participates in seminars and workshops. He also takes classes and educates students about hospitality and multi-residential.

Due to all of his work and performances, he has received many opportunities regarding teaching. The National Compliance Executive and Property Management Masters and a few other famous institutes proposed to him some mind-blowing changes.

Happy Home’s Partners:

Happy Home’s Partners is one of the largest residential real estate communities. Happy Homes’ Partners have been working for the community’s welfare for the past 35 years. They have been in charge of the residential houses and the apartment rentals, which are done under George Shafazand.

One of the main aims of Happy Homes’ Partners business is to provide the best services to their customers. They ensure that their unique approach to property management can make their clients happy. They also make sure the maintenance of the homes is done adequality. Furthermore, if the customer faces any maintenance emergency, ensure that they resolve the issue as fast as possible.

George Shafazand and his Problem Tackling Strategy:

George Shafazand is also known for his ability to resolve issues. He has the fantastic mental capability to process the problem, analyze it and then propose solutions. He is very efficient and singlehandedly; he works and makes strategies to overcome problems. This is one of the causes he serves in court as a witness for cases regarding investors and owners. He is a fantastic communicator and negotiator.

Final Thoughts:

George Shafazand has a reputation globally because of his experience and knowledge in housing and real estate. He has also worked in many other domains and has taken an avatar of a leader and a teacher. He is also the leader of a Property Management Company named Happy Homes’ Partners.

He and his team always intend to provide the best customer service and housing to their clients. They want all of their customers to be happy and satisfied. Therefore, George Shafazand’s name is significant and important in real estate.

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