List of U.S State Mottos, Slogans, and Nicknames: A Comprehensive Guide

Certainly! Every state (assuming we’re talking about the U.S. states) has its own unique identity, which is often reflected through its slogan, motto, and nickname.

These identifiers are often used in promoting the state’s tourism, heritage, or values.

Here’s an overview of what each term means, along with some examples:

1. State Slogan:

A slogan is a brief and catchy phrase used for advertising or other promotional activities. When it comes to states, the slogan often embodies the state’s main attractions or unique qualities.

  • Examples:
    • Virginia: “Virginia is for Lovers.”
    • New Mexico: “Land of Enchantment.”
    • California: “Find Yourself Here.”

2. State Motto:

A motto is a short phrase or sentence that encapsulates the general motivation or intention of an entity, often reflecting shared values, goals, or beliefs. For states, the motto usually conveys foundational principles or aspirations.

  • Examples:
    • New York: “Excelsior” (Ever Upward)
    • New Hampshire: “Live Free or Die.”
    • California: “Eureka” (I have found it!)

3. State Nickname:

A nickname is a descriptive name given instead of or in addition to the official name. State nicknames often reflect the state’s history, natural resources, or characteristics.

  • Examples:
    • Florida: “The Sunshine State”
    • Colorado: “The Centennial State”
    • Georgia: “The Peach State”

Each of these – the slogan, motto, and nickname – serves as a snapshot into the state’s identity. They give a hint of the state’s history, values, or what it has to offer.

When residents or visitors hear or see these terms, they immediately think of the state in question, making them powerful tools for branding and identity.

TexasFriendshipThe Lone Star StateDon’t Mess With Texas
ArizonaGod EnrichesThe Grand Canyon StateThe Grand Canyon State
WyomingEqual RightsThe Equality StateForever West
WisconsinForwardThe Badger StateAmerica’s Dairyland
West VirginiaMontani Semper Liberi (Mountaineers Are Always Free)The Mountain StateWild and Wonderful
WashingtonsBy and ByThe Evergreen StateExperience WA
VirginiaThus Always to TyrantsThe Old DominionVirginia is for Lovers
VermontFreedom and UnityThe Green Mountain State
UtahIndustryThe Beehive StateLife Elevated
TennesseeAgriculture and CommerceThe Volunteer StateThe Soundtrack of America
South DakotaUnder God the People RuleMount Rushmore StateGreat Faces, Great Places
South CarolinasWhile I Breathe, I HopeThe Palmetto StateSmiling Faces, Beautiful Places
Rhode IslandsHopeThe Ocean StateDiscover Beautiful Rhode Island
PennsylvaniaVirtue, Liberty, and IndependenceThe Keystone StatePursue Your Happiness
OregonShe Flies With Her Own WingsThe Beaver StateWe Love Dreamers
OklahomaLabor Omnia Vincit (Labor Conquers All Things)Sooner StateOK!
OhioWith God, All Things Are PossibleThe Buckeye StateFind it Here
North DakotasLiberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and InseparablePeace Garden StateLegendary
North CarolinaTo Be, Rather Than to SeemThe Tar Heel StateFirst in Flight
New YorksExcelsior (Ever Upward)The Empire StateI Love New York
New MexicoIt Grows as It GoesThe Land of EnchantmentTRUE
New JerseyLiberty and ProsperityThe Garden StateCome See For Yourself
New HampshireLive Free or DieThe Granite StateLive Free
NevadaAll For Our CountryThe Silver StateA World Within. A State Apart.
NebraskaEquality Before the LawThe Cornhusker StateThe Good Life
MontanaGold and SilverThe Treasure StateBig Sky Country
MissouriLet the Welfare of the People be the Supreme LawThe Show-Me StateWhere the Rivers Run
MississippiBy Valor and ArmsThe Magnolia StateFeels Like Coming Home
MinnesotaThe Star of the NorthThe North Star StateLand of 10,000 Lakes
MichiganIf You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About YouThe Great Lakes StatePure Michigan
MassachusettsBy the Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under LibertyThe Bay StateThe Spirit of America
MarylandsManly Deeds, Womanly WordsThe Old Line StateMore Than You Can Imagine
MaineDirigo (I Lead)The Pine Tree StateThe Way Life Should Be
LouisianaUnion, Justice, and ConfidenceThe Pelican StatePick Your Passion
KentuckyUnited We Stand, Divided We FallThe Bluegrass StateUnbridled Spirit
KansasAd Astra per Aspera (To the Stars Through Difficulties)The Sunflower StateThere’s No Place Like Home
IowaOur Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will MaintainThe Hawkeye StateFields of Opportunities
IndianaThe Crossroads of AmericaThe Hoosier StateHonest-to-Goodness Indiana
IllinoisState Sovereignty, National UnionThe Prairie StateAre You Up for Amazing?
IdahoEsto Perpetua (Let it be Perpetual)The Gem StateGreat Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.
HawaiiUa Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono (The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness)The Aloha StateThe Islands of Aloha
GeorgiaWisdom, Justice, ModerationThe Peach StateExplore Georgia. The State of Adventure.
FloridaIn God We TrustThe Sunshine StateVisit Florida
DelawaresLiberty and IndependenceThe First StateEndless Discoveries
ConnecticutQui Transtulit Sustinet (He Who Transplanted Still Sustains)The Nutmeg StateStill Revolutionary
ColoradoNil Sine Numine (Nothing Without the Deity)The Centennial StateCome to Life
CaliforniaEureka (I Have Found It)The Golden StateDream Big
ArkansasThe People RuleThe Natural StateThe Natural State
AlaskasNorth to the FutureThe Last FrontierBeyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach
AlabamaWe Dare Defend Our RightsThe Heart of DixieSweet Home Alabama

Other City Mottos, Slogans & Nicknames

CopenhagenWhere Tradition Meets InnovationThe City of SpiresNordic Charm, Global Heart
CologneUnity in DiversityThe Cathedral CityCultural Kaleidoscope by the Rhine
ChicagoCity of Big ShouldersThe Second CityWindy City Wonders
BrooklynsIn Unity, We ThriveThe BoroughWhere Diversity Shapes Unity
BostonStrength Through KnowledgeBeantownRevolution to Innovation
BerlinArm in Arm, We Shape TomorrowThe Grey CityWhere History and Creativity Converge
BarcelonaPassion for ProgressThe City of CountsMediterranean Magic
BaltimoreStronger Through ResilienceCharm CityCharm City Stories
AustinsLive Your UniquenessThe Live Music CapitalKeep Austins Weird
AtlantaProgress and HarmonyThe A-T-LSouthern Soul, Global Pulse
ColumbiaStrong Roots, New HeightsThe Capital CityWhere Rivers and Dreams Converge
SydneyEver Forward, Ever SydneyThe Emerald CityHarbor of Dreams
ParisLiberty, Equality, FraternityThe City of LoveCity of Lights, Love, and Culture
PhiladelphiaIn Unity, We ProsperPhillyWhere Freedom Rings
PittsburghStrong as Steel, United as a CityThe Steel CityBridging Innovation and Tradition
QueenslandDiverse Land, United PeopleThe Sunshine StateSunshine State of Mind
RomeFrom Antiquity to ModernityThe Eternal CityEternal Beauty, Timeless Legacy
San DiegoPioneering Spirit, Endless PossibilitiesAmerica’s Finest CitySunny Shores, Bright Futures
San FranciscoInnovation for a Better TomorrowThe Golden CityGolden Gate to Innovation
SeattleInvent the Future, Honor the PastThe Emerald CityEmerald City, Evergreen Dreams
TorontoStrength in DiversityThe 6ixDynamic Diversity, Northern Lights
OntariosStrong as the Waters, Bold as the DreamsThe HeartlandWhere Great Lakes and Dreams Meet
NashvillesHarmony in DiversityMusic CityMusic, Soul, and Southern Charm
MiamiForever in MotionThe Magic CityVibrant Rhythms, Ocean Dreams
Los AngelesDiversity in UnityLa-La LandCity of Angels, Dreams, and Glamour
LondonBy Strength and UnityThe Big SmokeWhere History Shapes Tomorrow
Las VegasDream Big, Gamble WiselySin CityLights, Luck, and Limitless Adventure
HoustonBold Ideas, Bright FutureSpace CityEnergy, Diversity, Opportunity
DubaiBuilding Beyond BoundariesThe City of GoldWhere Dreams Reach for the Sky
DallasLive Large, Think BigThe Big DModern Spirit, Texan Soul

However, it’s important to note that while every state has an official motto and nickname, not all states have an official slogan. Often, slogans can change based on advertising campaigns or shifts in promotional strategy, while mottos and nicknames tend to remain consistent over time.

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